The next edition of Motology Tekken Tournament will be held in Dehradun on 26 May 2019

The entry fee will be Rs.400 per head, the complete amount of which will go towards the prize pool to be split into the winners.

Details for the event are :

  • Bracket progression will be on Double Elimination Basis
  • Stock controllers will be provided, however players are allowed to bring their compatible controllers
  • Any player using his controller, must disconnect his controller before vacating his seat, failing in which could lead to disqualification
  • Each round will be of 60 seconds
  • Each match will be best of 3
  • Players are advised to register in advance. On spot registration is also allowed, but the player will have to reach the venue 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament
  • The tournament will start at 12PM and continue till the winners brackets are exhausted
  • The platform will be Tekken 7, DLC 2 on ps4
  • All games will be recorded to be shared later on, streaming will be avoided for this event

The Venue for this Tournament will be Pranky’s Cafe.