27 Watt LED Light

I came across these 27 Watt LED lights being sold by The Motorcycle Hub via facebook. It was costing Rs.2050 with shipping then. (I don’t know if it still costs the same). The delivery after ordering was quick, the product was in good, new condition and was easy to install. I used a steel rod, which I […]

Independence Day 2015

Did the IDay ride 2015 in Bulleteers style, opting to explore with national flags gracing our motorcycles. Although we could not make it to our planned destination since a river in the way did let us through. Two of our riders tried to play Moses but that didn’t work. As a result we rerouted our ride, […]

Amit Kukreja

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Nalkeshwar, Gwalior

Bulleteers spent another Sunday morning, exploring the narrow rural roads and tracks to reach a destination apt for a peaceful breakfast. This time, the destination was Nalkeshwar, a place known for its connection with Rishi Galav, an eminent sage in Gwalior’s history. He is said to have a dwelled here, near a cascade in the […]

Damoh Waterfall, Jakha

Damoh waterfall and the huge cave-like valley into which the water falls are an interesting testament to how beautifully water can carve into landscapes.

Bulleteer Narendra Jain

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Madikhera, Mohani and Harsi Dam

This Sunday Bulleteers went to visit 3 dams in a ride which called the Dam Run. The plan was to take the Gwalior-Shivpuri highway till 15 km short of Shivpuri, take a left turn from there towards the Madhikhera Dam from where we would head towards Narwar to Mahani Dam and then take the road […]

Ater Fort, Bhind

This Sunday Bulleteers had a short ride to Ater Fort, Bhind. It is a 600 year old fort, distinctly recognizable by its massive walls made out of small stones and mortar. The fort has aged and the stone walls have wrinkled and cracked. ASI seems to be working on restoring the fort and if its […]


Madhya Pradesh is literally littered with historic memorabilia, the grand and beautiful examples of which grace the top of plateaus, the depths of valley, banks of rivers and walls of caves. The architecture of monuments here, which are mostly not more than a millennium old varies a bit, but is mostly very predictable. Of course, […]

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