Coastal Ride and Rider Mania 2015

My dreams were showing me visuals which I have forgotten now, but in my deep sleep, I could hear some noise. The noise eventually pulled me awake after persistently disturbing me for a long time and I sprang up in surprise.

Bulleteers Review the Dlight Solar Light S2 and S20

The Dlight Solar lights are very portable take-anywhere solar lights which seem ready to replace torches, lamps or most other kinds of portable lights which we need to take on rides and treks. The charging happens through the solar panel and goes into batteries which can power the lights from 4 to 8 hours.

Pagara Revisited

Pagara is a small water reservoir in jaura, in Madhya Pradesh. But visually, more than being a landscape, its a grass blanket spread over dunes of soil. Water from the reservoir fills up the gaps between the dunes and this makes for a fantastic looking scenery.

Sikkim : Nature live in Concert

There were moments on the Sikkim ride when I could not believe what I was seeing. It seemed to be Nature live in concert trying to pull off a medley of its hits. For a rider, Sikkim will literally shock you on every twist of the road and landscape may bring tears to your eyes […]

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2015

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride for us, the Bulleteers, is an event that brings riders together for a cause. While there are several other causes which bring riders together and there are many causes worthy of attention, but this is one event which binds people internationally. Consider it the stylish the presentation or the convincing call […]

Indian Railway : For Motorcycle Courier

When we were planning our trip to Sikkim, we had only one good route to get from Gwalior to Kolkata, which was via NH2. Now this route is appx 1200 km and I was not keen on covering this distance twice (to and fro) so decided to courier the motorcycle from Gwalior to Kolkata. Options […]

SJ CAM 4000 Wifi

You can find several reviews of SJ CAM 4000 Wifi on youtube and else where on the internet where information such as specs, video and image quality, features etc are detailed. But my review is not about the camera itself, but about using this camera as a rider.


Dhumeshwar is a very old (people say mahabharat kaleen) shiv temple in Bhitarwar tehsil, near Dabra.

Udaipur and Kumbhalgarh Fort

Bulleteers went out for a simple 4 days ride to Udaipur, with an excursion to the grand Kumbhalgarh Fort. We started from Gwalior on the morning of 10th September, heading towards Udaipur Via Shivpuri. The distance is 610km via this route and the road being mostly good, its easy to cover in 12 hours.

Matatila Dam

Ride to Matatila Dam from Gwalior is a smooth fast paced ride with good roads all through. The road from Gwalior to Jhansi, at present is decent and the one from Jhansi to Talbehat is a very good. From Talbehat, Matatila dam is just 3-4km.