Garh Kundar

The piles of rocks balanced one upon the other, trees which have seen the wrath of Sun, lands which folds, unfolds like a theater curtain and winds which flow strong in silence, all made up for the magnificent experience which was this fort. When I think of the structure of the fort, it wasn’t particularly […]

Chambal – Bonfire Night

Myriad of meandering trails split the landscape into arid soil dunes spotted with thorny shrubs. Binding this patchy terrain together is river Chambal, flowing strong, flaunting its notorious blue water.

Ride to Ratangarh

Every approaching Sunday, brings with it the need to search for ingredients for breakfast. A breakfast sandwiched between experiences, a night of anticipation, a morning of handshakes, chorus of thumps, eternal lust for roads, oil leaks and dirty boots.

Kuno Revisited

There are roads which take you across the landscape and then there are roads which take you through it. There are roads which tame the land, ripping across forests, cutting through mountains, flying over rivers of water and of people and then there are roads which meander through the gaps of the jungle, tumble over the […]

Harsi – Bonfire Night

The first Bonfire Night at Pagara had set sort of a benchmark in terms of landscape. So, once that ride was done, we strained our memories to come up with a destination which would not let us down. Harsi a reservoir in the district Shivpuri, near Narwar and around 70 km from Gwalior was the […]

Ride to Bhimtal, Mukteshwar

The mountains of Kumaon draped in green, stitched together by rivers in their youth, bejeweled with lakes, frequented by clouds and often shrouded by mist. Roads meander through the placid forests, painted with sunlight making its way through the sieve of oak leaves. The brighter parts of the road overlook high mountains and vast valleys, […]

Bonfire Night : Pagara

The weather was pleasant yesterday evening and it was maybe around 5 PM when turned left from Jaura, towards Pagara. The narrow roads both meandered and shot straight through the flat terrain of the rocky land which leads through the rural central Indian landscape. Sun was heading down, the sky was turning maroon, soil golden and […]

Coastal Ride and Rider Mania 2015

My dreams were showing me visuals which I have forgotten now, but in my deep sleep, I could hear some noise. The noise eventually pulled me awake after persistently disturbing me for a long time and I sprang up in surprise.

Bulleteers Review the Dlight Solar Light S2 and S20

The Dlight Solar lights are very portable take-anywhere solar lights which seem ready to replace torches, lamps or most other kinds of portable lights which we need to take on rides and treks. The charging happens through the solar panel and goes into batteries which can power the lights from 4 to 8 hours.

Pagara Revisited

Pagara is a small water reservoir in jaura, in Madhya Pradesh. But visually, more than being a landscape, its a grass blanket spread over dunes of soil. Water from the reservoir fills up the gaps between the dunes and this makes for a fantastic looking scenery.