MTB 100 is a first of its kind timed MTB ride in Gwalior. The idea is to give MTB riders an on-off route where they can not only cover the required distance, but also make good use of their machines by traversing through challenging terrains.

The ride will start off from Jiwaji University Gate at 4am on 18 August 2019. It will follow the following route

  • Jiwaji University Gate (Start Point)
  • Vicky Factory Crossing
  • Choudhary ka Dhaba (Check Point)
  • Gol Pahadiya Crossing
  • Tighra Dam (Check Point)
  • Hill Top Mata Mandir
  • Pagara (Check Point)
  • Back to Tighra Dam via same route (End Point)

The route has to be completed with 8 hours to qualify as a finisher. All finishers will get a Finisher Certificate.

I want to clarify that this ride is not related to AUDAX in any way and thus is different from the Brevets which we organize.

The following rules will apply to the ride :

  • Only MTB and Hybrid Cycles are allowed
  • Front and back lights(or blinkers for the rear) are necessary
  • The rider must be self supported. This means that any break downs must be handled by the rider, including any repairs or spare changes
  • Rider must carry his own water on the route. Any water or food will only be provided at Check points.
  • Any means which may be deemed unfair by the organizers will leads to disqualification of the rider in case of use.
  • There will be marshals using their cycles or backup vehicles to keep a check on the riders and taking entries on the check points. But they will only provide support on the check points.

You can check out the route on the following link :

You can register for the ride by following the below link

For any queries, get in touch with me at 8085630001