Chaturbhuj Nala

Every historical monument is a testament to our past. Its something which was made by people like us who wanted to share their vision with the world and their future generations. These places, born way back in time stayed true to their essence while the world around them changed and thus its a unique experience […]

Nalkeshwar Via Barai

We had a good short breakfast ride to nalkeshwar this Sunday. Although we have covered Nalkeshwar before, that was via the tighra route. This time we approached the location via Panihar route. The road or lets say, trail is was fun to go through and it lead to temple nested near a waterfall on the edge […]

Rannod Terahi Mahua kadwaya

There is this region in districts Shivpuri and Ashoknagar, spread all over which are various ancient monasteries. Each of these monasteries has a Shiva temple near it. Plus there are other temples of Vishnu and Goddesses. Almost all these temples are not used for worship, these are abandoned, located outside villages or in jungles, are […]

Kochi, Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppy.

My idea with the ride in Kerala was to fly to Kerala, take 4 full days out to explore various sorts of landscape in the state and sly back. The idea also was to hire a Royal Enfield Motorcycle for out travels, but it being holiday season we were not able to get one. Instead I […]

Kaketo And Pehsari Dams

To continue our Dam Run for the monsoon of 2016, we head out to two dams on the Gwalior Shivpuri Road. The Kaketo Dam and the Pehsari Dam. As with the first Dam Run, which covered Madikhera, Mohini and Harsi Dam along with Sultangarh waterdall, this ride took us to the two dams following routes […]

Pagara Via Tighra

Pagara is perhaps our most visited location. We have seen it in summers, winters, mornings, evenings and night, taking in all the shades of this beautiful place. Of course, its vicinity to Gwalior helps in making it a goto choice when it comes to a short enjoyable ride, but its also its being a good […]

Himalayan Odysssey

Himalayan Odyssey, Royal Enfield’s long standing annual ride to the Himalayan region of Ladakh has been about witnessing and traversing the vast landscapes up north. A large group of riders come together under the guidance of the company’s team which leads them through the ride astride Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Dam Run 2016

The Dam Run is basically about covering a route which takes us through 4 different water bodies, all set amid beautiful landscapes.  The four destinations being Sultangarh, Madikhera, Mohani and Harsi. Now, although the route continues further along the same waterway to more places like Dhumeshwar, before it reaches Gwalior, we branch off after Harsi […]


Different places have different flavors to them. There are places which are more subtle with creations of nature and humans both, these are mostly long highways through level land, best ridden through swiftly. Then there are places where nature lent a platform over which man created mesmerizing structures like forts, palaces, temples, caves and dams.

Off Roads and Reverie

There are roads which take you across the landscape and then there are roads which take you through it. There are roads which tame the land, ripping across forests, cutting through mountains, flying over rivers of water and of people and then there are roads which meander through the gaps of the jungle, tumble over […]