Breakfast Ride to Narwar Fort and Harsi Dam

The ride gives us two conclusions. Firstly, Narwar Fort, although is a beautifully positioned and constructed fort in good condition, but is to be visited only in winters. This is not a place to visit in the summers.

Breakfast Ride to Pagara

This Sunday we rode to Pagara dam, which although is well within our one day ride range, being only 80km from Gwalior, but had not been covered till now. The reason for not visiting this destination was mostly its barren and isolated location, which raises some valid security concerns.

Breakfast Ride to Kanher Jhiri

Today’s ride was cut short from from its planned destination Narwar Fort and ended up being a short visit to Kanher Jhiri.

Breakfast Ride to Hidalaya

This Sunday we started off the ride with a plan to visit a dried up dam near the ramaua village, followed by breakfast at Datia. The ride to dam took us through foot trails and fields, leading to the center of the reservoir. We parked our vehicles at a high point and enjoyed a wonderful […]

Ride to the Chambal Ravines

Over the past one month we have been thinking about the options for content for the breakfast rides for this year. In 2014, we aimed at covering locations around Gwalior for our one day events and ended up visiting around 20 different locations. This year, aim to do the same thing (of course, if we […]

Royal Enfield Riding Pants Review

The riding pants come at Rs.4999 which is a good price for the product. Branded knee guards alone cost more than Rs.1500 and cannot compare to the level of protection this trouser provides. I thus recommend it to all riders looking for riding pants costing below Rs 10000.

Rider Mania 2015

The movie ‘Being John Malkovich’ is built around the idea that there is a portal which, if anyone enters, leads to inside of the mind of the actor John Malkovich. People could enter that portal and experience being John Malkovich.

Officially No Service for EFi models of Royal Enfield

Officially No Service for EFi models of Royal Enfield Royal Enfield is well known for its apathy towards customers facing issues in their motorcycles. The various vintage motorcycle models sold by the company are widely used by touring enthusiasts. Although very reliable, like the best of machines even these trusted motorcycles have their own issues […]

Brunch Ride to Holipura

When I was around 12 years old, I heard from one of my classmates about this one black mountain dog which was mostly found sitting on the dam. This dog he said and some others repeated, had one night come face to face with a leopard. The leopards in that area are known to hunt […]

Royal Enfield Short Gloves

These gloves are priced at Rs.2499. The glove which can be an alternative choice to this is the Cramster Blaster which are Rs.200 cheaper. They work well too, but maybe don’t look as good as these.