Quechua Arpenaz 2 and 2XL tent

The tents can be bought at any Decathlon store. They are also available online, but are 20% costlier. The 2 tent is available for Rs.2000 and the 2XL for Rs.3500. These are the rates as of writing this post.

Malari Village, Uttarakhand

People say the journey is more important than the destination. It seems obvious the the hundreds of kilometers we travel to reach our destination may have more to show us than the place we finally park our wheels. And thus it has always been clear to Bulleteers that whatever the destination we have to work […]

Gohad Fort, Bhind

With the land still holding up temperatures considerably higher than that of an average human body and with the ride to Uttarakhand in sight, we decided to find a destination within 50 km for the ride on this Sunday.

Indimotard Greasehouse Carb Conversion Kit

Many owners of the EFi powered Royal Enfield motorcycles are haunted by the question of whether this technology is reliable or not. The technology is offered by Royal Enfield on 500cc motorcycles like Classic 500 and Desert Storm and its admirers and critics remain pretty polarized in their opinions.

Nareshwar Temples, Gwalior

What do you get when you add a little known group of ancient temples + a lake + off road track + just 20 km from the city? You get an awesome spot for short trips and rides.

Cave Paintings of Pahadgarh, Likhichhaj

On this Sunday the Bulleteers ventured into the rocky region of Pahadgarh to find what is a known to be a large collection of prehistoric cave paintings. This collection of cave paintings which must be several millennia old is largely undiscovered due to the fear of dacoits, the tough terrain, the usual government opposition to […]

Brunch Ride to Kuno

Sometimes the journey to a place is more satisfying than the place itself and this totally stands true for Kuno because the road which we rode on today was a delight. This was as they say, as batsman’s wicket with no room for mercy for the baller.

Bulleteers Kickstart Day 2015

Bulleteers is about being inspired. It is not about just riding. Its about igniting the spirit of freedom.

Breakfast Ride to Seondha

Today Bulleteers rode to Seondha to visit Kanhargarh Fort. I was intrigued by the fact that there are very little photos of this fort online. So, we had planned to check it out. Although, we could not enter the fort because of security reasons.

Indimotard Thumper Silencer

There are a lot of aftermarket silencers available in the market. For Royal Enfields, the name of this item, ‘Silencer’ is least appropriate as I don’t think any one buys them to ‘silence’ their motorcycle.